State Firearm Law Database

Policies regulating firearms in each of the 50 states

Law Categories

We classified the 133 firearm law provisions in our database into 14 categories, based on their intended impact on gun violence reduction. You can read more about the historical context and legal scope of these categories by reading through our Law Categories pages.

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State Analysis

Each of the 50 states has a unique history of firearm policy. We have compiled this information into our State-By-State pages and fact sheets, where you can view laws by year alongside their corresponding firearm-related homicide and suicide rates.

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Law Data

We have made our law database publicly available for all to use. On our Law Data pages, you can visualize the data with our map tool or create a custom table that tracks the laws for the states, years, and categories in which you’re most interested. Click below to find out more.

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